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Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

Misogikan: Dear Inoue Sensei, would you please be so kind to answer some questions for Russian Aikido practitioners?

Misogikan Question (Q.): About when did you begin your practice of Aikido, Sensei?

Hanshi Inoue: I started my Aikido training in 1955.

Q.: Did you practice any kind of martial arts before?

Hanshi Inoue: I had not practiced in any other martial arts professionally, however  I studied Judo, Kendo and Kyudo as a part of a school curriculum.  Then when I was a child I was interested very much in a baseball, in  junior high school and in a high school I practiced  basketball.  I also played role in a drama company as an actor and I won the first prize in a Tokyo children actor’s competition. I also studied a little of bit a tap-dancing because during that time in Japan  tap-dancing and famous tap-dancers were very popular, and I wanted to make Tap-dancing my career. It was also my dream to become a diplomat, so I studied English in an English school. I also liked singing and was a member of a singing ensemble.


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I publish this abridged version of an interesting article called “A New Leader in Iwama” with the kind permission of Gaku Homma Sensei,  the author.

You may ask why would I publish on our web-site an article written some years ago about an event which took place in Japan and involves a different style of Aikido?

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In publishing this article I hope that interested readers will have a better understanding about Inoue Hanshi and his lifetimes work in both developing and promoting Yoshinkan Aikido.

I have had the privilege to have spent much time with him both on and off of the tatami and every time that I receive his tuition I learn something new despite having studied Yoshinkan Aikido for over 47 years. As a person Inoue Hanshi is a very gentle man quick witted with a great sense of humor and one of my great pleasures is listening to his stories about his life and times with his teacher the late founder of Yoshinkan Gozo Shioda Hanshi.

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The Visit to Russia of KYOICHI INOUE SENSEI 9th dan



Kyoichi Inoue Sensei

Sensei Kyoichi Inoue, Hanshi, 9th dan Yoshinkan Aikido


From 24-27 December 2007 the Great Master of Yoshinkan Aikido Sensei Kyoichi Inoue, Hanshi, 9th dan with his family and Sensei Takashima Saburo 4th dan visited Misogikan Honbu Dojo in Moscow.

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At last after much planing we were waiting at Sheremetyevo Airport for the arrival of the Head of Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu-Dojo, Dojocho Kyoichi Inoue 9th dan and Sonoda 7th dan Shihan.

The plane arrived on time and we transported Sensei to the Aerostar Hotel, after which we took them on an evening tour of Moscow and then on to dinner. Which gave us the chance to talk about the Russian Aikido situation.

Day two 16th saw us at the Hombu-dojo of Misogi kan where we had chance to prepare for the Festival of Martial Arts which was scheduled to take place the next day, following lunch we went on a guided tour inside the Kremlin Palace, with Alexandre E. Inshakov and Sugiura Sensei 9th dan Karate. We then went to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner.

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21st November 2011

I have just returned from attending a seminar in Saint Petersburg hosted by the Genbukan Dojo (www.genbukan-aikido.ru)  which was under the direction of Inoue Koichi Hanshi (10th Dan, www.shinwakan.jp), Takashima Saburo Sensei with myself as guest instructor.

Thank you Igor Rogov Sensei for organizing this great seminar.

I would like to thank the members of the Misogikan who supported this seminar and to reiterate the words of Inoue Hanshi spoken both on and off tatami.

“David you can be proud of your students who show the highest level of Dojo Etiquette, Zanshin and understanding of Aikido protocol, where ever I go I can immediately see which students are from the Misogikan .

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Kyoichi Inoue Hanshi

Sensei Kyoichi Inoue, Hanshi, 10th dan  Aikido


From 11-16 March 2010 the Great Master of Aikido Sensei Kyoichi Inoue (Hanshi, 10th dan, Kancho of Shinwakan Aikido and former 2nd Kancho of Yoshinkan) and Sensei Takashima Saburo 5th dan have visited Misogikan Honbu Dojo in Moscow.

Sensei took part in Sensei David Eayrs 70 year Anniversary and held some incredible master classes for Misogikan Dojo students.

Also Sensei Takashima Saburo held a special training for the youngest students of Misogikan school.


You can find photos from master classes in the Photo Gallery of Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info Web-Site.




Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

CONGRATULATIONS to Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue on awarding the 10th dan grade in Aikido!

The 10th dan certificate was issued by International Budo Federation in April 2009.

Sensei Kyoichi Inoue was born September 10th 1935. Sensei Kyoichi Inoue was one of the oldest students of late Kancho Sensei Gozo Shioda.

Sensei Inoue holds the rank of hanshi and he worked for the Tokyo Metropolitan police and riot squads as aikido Aikido Yoshinkan instructor, and later become the 2nd Kancho (director) of Yoshinkan.

Now Sensei Inoue is a Kancho of Aikido Shinwakan organization.

We are at Misogikan were very pleased and honored then Sensei Inoue took part in the new Misogikan Honbu Dojo Grand Opening in December 2007 and hold incredible master-classes and seminars.


Dear Inoue Sensei, we wish you success in your Aikido promotion in the World!

Renshinkai Misogikan Team



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