Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

Hanshi Kyoichi Inoue

Misogikan: Dear Inoue Sensei, would you please be so kind to answer some questions for Russian Aikido practitioners?

Misogikan Question (Q.): About when did you begin your practice of Aikido, Sensei?

Hanshi Inoue: I started my Aikido training in 1955.

Q.: Did you practice any kind of martial arts before?

Hanshi Inoue: I had not practiced in any other martial arts professionally, however  I studied Judo, Kendo and Kyudo as a part of a school curriculum.  Then when I was a child I was interested very much in a baseball, in  junior high school and in a high school I practiced  basketball.  I also played role in a drama company as an actor and I won the first prize in a Tokyo children actor’s competition. I also studied a little of bit a tap-dancing because during that time in Japan  tap-dancing and famous tap-dancers were very popular, and I wanted to make Tap-dancing my career. It was also my dream to become a diplomat, so I studied English in an English school. I also liked singing and was a member of a singing ensemble.


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Misogikan Dojo is a member of Renshinkai Aikido.

Renshinkai Aikido is under the auspices of 8th-dan Tsutomu Chida-Shihan, a top uchideshi of the late founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, Gozo Shioda-Sensei. Chida-Shihan is working hard to guide the next generation of leaders and teachers by instilling in them the techniques and spirit that he inherited from Gozo Shioda-Sensei.

Chida-Shihan was an uchideshi of Gozo Shioda-Sensei from 1971 and has had the longest career at the Yoshinkan Aikido Honbu. Even after the passing of Gozo Shioda-Sensei in 1994, Chida-Shihan continued his support for 13 years until December of 2007 when he retired from the Yoshinkan Honbu. Later in April of 2008, it came about that he decided to move on from the Yoshinkan organization and established the Renshinkai.

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Sensei Tsutomu Chida Seminar in Moscow. 2012-05-20

We meet Chida Sensei at Sheremetyevo Airport on 17th May 2012 and this visit for the first time he travelled alone without an assistant took the Aerostar Express to the center of town and settled Sensei into our friends apartment where we enjoyed a meal and chatted about the seminar and things in general, the next day was a rest day for Sensei after his long travel from Japan.

Saturday 19th saw the first day of the seminar and both Sensei and I were delighted to see many students of Aikido from different parts of Russia including Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Saratov, Balakovо, St.Petersburg and students from other schools in Moscow.

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Aikido (Ai - Harmony, Ki - Spirit, Do - Way) is an effective form of self-defence derived from Japanese Bujutsu (Warrior Ways). Aikido is becoming as popular in the western world as it is in Japan, where it is held in high esteem. It has a history of over 800 years during which the techniques were used and developed on the battlefields and in hostile conditions. Over the years the techniques have been modified and adapted to suit our modern style of living.

The great attraction of Aikido, as opposed to Judo or Karate is that the techniques practised require very little strength to make them effective and therefore can be practised by both men and women of all ages. Aikido deals with pressure points, throws and locks. Many martial arts have moved away from their self-defence origins into the world of competitive sport - but not Misogi, which is a hard practical style that can be used to counter any attack, without causing serious injury to the attacker. In practice, Aikidoka (practitioners of Aikido) learn to defend themselves by using dynamic techniques, blending with an attackers power, dispersing his energy and finally throwing or controlling the aggressor.

Students will not become experts overnight, during the first six months basic exercises are taught as well as breakfalls. These are designed to condition your body while practising Aikido. Next students will be shown techniques to control an attack by blending with the attackers strength and redirecting the power against them. By constantly practising these basic techniques, speed and agility will increase allowing students to become more competent in an aggressive situation.

Misogi incorporates the use of Weapons to enhance the concentration and accuracy required to complete a successful Aikido technique. Weapons used include; a Bokken (Wooden Sword), Jo (4' Staff), Tanjo (2' Staff), Tanbo (Short Stick) and Tanto (Wooden Knife). Classical and practical weaponry use is taught.

Aikido is the new, exciting martial art. The physical and mental benefits are tremendous, the art consists of a combination of throwing techniques and controlling movements based on those made with the Samurai sword. Every muscle of the body is used, and it teaches students to harmonise mind and body resulting in a feeling of exhilaration and good health. Aikido offers something for everyone but remember we are learning a Martial Art, not playing a game!

Aikido - The Medical Arts

In view of the fact that Aikido stresses Meditation and Breathing (kokyu) powers - the exercise creates an equilibrium on the mental plane consequently affecting the Para Sympathetic and Sympathetic Nerves, giving harmony to the organs and maintaining the circulation of blood. Through Aikido training the stresses and strain factors can be reduced, and thus create Harmony and Tranquillity in the mind.

Aikido serves the path of health and self-defence, 'A sound mind and a sound body'.

In the Gallery of our Web-Site published some photos from the Aikido Renshinkai Seminar with Tsutomu Chida Sensei took place 19-20.05.1012 in Moscow, Russia.


Sensei Tsutomu Chida Seminar in Moscow

Click here to download the high resolution image (size 1.51 Mb).


In publishing this article I hope that interested readers will have a better understanding about Inoue Hanshi and his lifetimes work in both developing and promoting Yoshinkan Aikido.

I have had the privilege to have spent much time with him both on and off of the tatami and every time that I receive his tuition I learn something new despite having studied Yoshinkan Aikido for over 47 years. As a person Inoue Hanshi is a very gentle man quick witted with a great sense of humor and one of my great pleasures is listening to his stories about his life and times with his teacher the late founder of Yoshinkan Gozo Shioda Hanshi.

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About Aikido Styles

There are many thousands of people worldwide practicing Aikido, each with their own ideas and opinions of what Aikido is. There are also many so called (Styles) of Aikido some so far removed from the teachings of the founder of Aikido O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, that in reality, are not Aikido at all.

People use the expressions (Hard Style) or (Soft Style) and other words to try and differentiate between the way Aikido is practiced but, which ever way people practice, the ultimate goal is to try and understand the teachings of O'Sensei.

Yoshinkan Aikido is often referred to as (Hard Style) when in fact it is the exact pre-war teaching of O'Sensei. The founder of the Yoshinkan School of Aikido, the late Gozo Shioda Sensei not only faithfully taught the pre-war Aikido of O'Sensei, but, perhaps more importantly, formulated a systematic method of instruction so that Aikido could be more easily understood and learnt.

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Morihei Ueshiba

The Founder of Modern Aikido
(1883 - 1969)

Morihei Ueshiba proclaimed that the true Budo way (the Way of the Warrior) was the way of peaceful reconciliation.

He dedicated himself to the design of an art that would teach technical prowess and strength, and commitment to the self-discipline needed for personal growth.

He dubbed this new form Aikido.


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Chida Tsutomu at the Yoshinkan honbu throwing Ito Kenji (5th dan), February 2007
Chida Tsutomu at the Yoshinkan honbu throwing Ito Kenji (5th dan), February 2007


Chida Tsutomu (千田務)was born Oct.4th 1950, and is an 8th dan Shihan and the chief instructor of Aikido Renshinkai, an off-shoot of Yoshinkan aikido. A direct student of founder Shioda Gozo, he studied with Shioda for 25 years from 1969 until Shioda’s death in 1994. Following Shioda's death, Chida continued to serve at the Yoshinkan honbu dojo and was appointed dojocho in 2002. Chida is one of Shioda Gozo's top disciples and a living legend of Yoshinkan aikido. He quickly became one of the most respected and sought after Yoshinkan instructors, and regularly taught seminars overseas to promote Yoshinkan aikido.

Chida resigned from the honbu dojo effective December 2007 shortly after a series of events following the resignation of former headmaster Inoue Kyoichi. Not long after his resignation from Yoshinkan, Chida established Aikido Renshinkai as an independent organization in March 2008.


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Hanshi Kiyoyuki Terada 

Hanshi Kiyoyuki Terada (in the center sitting) during his visit in Russia 12.06.2001
Hanshi Kiyoyuki Terada (in the center sitting) during his visit in Russia. 12.06.2001.


It was with sadness that I was informed of the passing away of the great Aikido Master Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi on July 13th 2009, we the Misogikan send our condolences to his family, students and friends.

I remember the wonderful warm moments that I have spent with him both in Japan and here in Russia , his contribution to the development of Yoshinkan Aikido world wide was of great importance and it was his drive and natural charisma as co-founder of the Yoshinkan that helped set the Yoshinkan on its path to international recognition.

I have selected a few photographs of Terada Hanshi taken both in Japan and Russia which you may like to look at, each shows a special moment in his company.

David Eayrs

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David Eayrs SenseyCONGRATULATIONS to Sensei David Eayrs on his 74 Year Anniversary!

We wish you a very strong health, happiness and a good luck!

Dear David Sensei, Happy Birthday to you!

Be happy!


Renshinkai Misogikan Team



Chida Tsutomu Shihan


The Renshinkai Misogikan Dojo is proud to announce the visit to Moscow of Soke Chida 8th dan, head of the Renshinkai organization.

Chida Sensei is known throughout the world for his dynamic Yoshinkan Aikido, Chida Sensei has spent the longest time at the Honbu Dojo of Yoshinkan as Uchi-Deshi of the late great Gozo Shioda and later after Gozo Shioda’s passing as Dojocho.

Chida Sensei will arrive in the end of September and will stay here during the first week of October 2008

There will be a two day open seminar on 4th and 5th October and workshops in the Misogikan Honbu Dojo.

This invitation to the seminar is open to all styles and ranks of Aikido with the main theme of the seminar being the true spirit of Aikido Love, Harmony and Friendship.

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to Sensei David Eayrs on his 72 Year Anniversary!


We wish you a very strong health, happiness and a good luck!

Dear David Sensei, Happy Birthday to you!

Be happy!


Aikido Renshinkai Misogikan Team


I would to thank those students and Sensei who have supported the Misogikan through these somewhat difficult times.
In particular I would like to thank Sensei Sergei from Krasnogorsk and Sensei Mikhail from Mendeleevo for their constant support via seminars and Budo-Passports I would also like to thank Sensei’s Maxim and Dennis for their total support and dedication to the Misogikan, myself and our Aikido.

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In Misogikan Honbu Dojo resumed weekend classes under Sensei Maxim Voznyak (3rd Dan).

Classes are opened for students of any level of skills – from beginners (white belts) to advanced (black belts).

Classes start at 11:00.


21st November 2011

I have just returned from attending a seminar in Saint Petersburg hosted by the Genbukan Dojo (www.genbukan-aikido.ru)  which was under the direction of Inoue Koichi Hanshi (10th Dan, www.shinwakan.jp), Takashima Saburo Sensei with myself as guest instructor.

Thank you Igor Rogov Sensei for organizing this great seminar.

I would like to thank the members of the Misogikan who supported this seminar and to reiterate the words of Inoue Hanshi spoken both on and off tatami.

“David you can be proud of your students who show the highest level of Dojo Etiquette, Zanshin and understanding of Aikido protocol, where ever I go I can immediately see which students are from the Misogikan .

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I would like to thank all who supported our weekend seminar at our honbu dojo on 12th and 13th of this month and offer my congratulations to the five people who passed their examinations it was great to see our friends from Kraznogorsk and Saratov.

It is now confirmed that Chida Sensei will conduct a Seminar here in Moscow. Seminar dates are 19th - 20th May 2012. Full details of the seminar will be published soon and I hope that all students related to Misogikan-Renshinkai will support this very important seminar.

David Eayrs


Renshinkai Aikido Misogikan DojoDojo Renshinkai Aikido Misogikan invites students (adults and kids from 4 y.o.) to study aikido in groups (from beginners to advanced level).

The Dojo Chief instructor is Sensei David Eayrs (7th dan Renshinkai Aikido), instructors have ranks 1st...4th dan.


tel.: +7-926-204-8855, Oksana Eayrs
E-mail: misogikan@gmail.com


David Eayrs SenseyCONGRATULATIONS to Sensei David Eayrs on his 71 Year Anniversary!

We wish you a very strong health, happiness and a good luck!

Dear David Sensei, Happy Birthday to you!

Be happy!


Renshinkai Misogikan Team


P.S. Please find some photos from the party in the Gallery.


Misogikan presents a new additional Renshinkai Aikido Dojo situated near Sokol Metro Station (North of Moscow) and invites students in groups for adults: beginners, intermediate and advanced aikido skills level.

All tranings will take place under a supervision of well-qualified instructors with ranks 1st...4th dan in Renshinkai Aikido.

Contact phone: 8 (926) 204-8855.

E-mail: misogikandojo@gmail.com





Please also visit Web-site Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info in Russian.

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