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David Eayrs founder of Misogikan was born in Portsmouth, England, and currently resides in Moscow, Russia. He served in the British Army from 1958-1967, and has since served in an extensive variety of corporate security positions, which include Security Manager for Coca-Cola Corporation, Russia.

He was a professional bodyguard and has worked for many high-profile VIP's. Since 1998 he has ceased active work in this field to concentrate on helping Russian Sportsmen and women to develop the Aikido system known as Yoshinkan.

Sensei Eayrs began his Aikido career in late 1962 under the tuition of Francis Ramasamy Sensei who is now 7th Dan Yoshinkan after several years of Karate study.

In addition to the tuition received from Francis Ramasamy Sensei, David also trained under Thamby Rajah, Yasuhisa Shioda, Jang En Yu and Soke Gozo Shioda.

In 1968 he was awarded the rank of 1st Dan, by the late Master Gozo Shioda founder of the Yoshinkan system, and now holds the Yoshinkan rank of 6th Dan. In addition to his Yoshinkan ranks he also holds the rank of 6th Dan Aikido (1988) awarded by Sensei Yagi Junichiro 8th Dan, a former Shihan of Yoshinkan Hombu dojo Japan.

In 2008 he was awarded the rank of 7st Dan by Shihan Chida Tsutomu founder of the Aikido Renshinkai system and now holds the Renshikai rank of 7th Dan.

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