Sensei Takashima Saburo

Sensei Takashima Saburo, 5th dan Aikido

23 November 2009 Sensei Takashima Saburo (5th dan) after Aikido Renshinkai Seminar, conducted in St.-Petersburg, visited Renshinkai Misogikan Honbu Dojo in Moscow.
Sensei Takashima has conducted two trainings (for kids and adults).

Renshinkai Misogikan Dojo members will be very glad to see Sensei Takashima Saburo in Moscow again.


Misogikan Dojo Students with Sensei Takashima Saburo

Misogikan Dojo members with Sensei Takashima Saburo

Kyoichi Inoue Hanshi

Sensei Kyoichi Inoue, Hanshi, 10th dan  Aikido


From 11-16 March 2010 the Great Master of Aikido Sensei Kyoichi Inoue (Hanshi, 10th dan, Kancho of Shinwakan Aikido and former 2nd Kancho of Yoshinkan) and Sensei Takashima Saburo 5th dan have visited Misogikan Honbu Dojo in Moscow.

Sensei took part in Sensei David Eayrs 70 year Anniversary and held some incredible master classes for Misogikan Dojo students.

Also Sensei Takashima Saburo held a special training for the youngest students of Misogikan school.


You can find photos from master classes in the Photo Gallery of Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info Web-Site.





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