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CONGRATULATIONS to Sensei David Eayrs on awarding the NANADAN (7th dan) grade in Aikido Renshinkai!

The 7th dan certificate was issued by Soke Chida Tsutomu and presented to Sensei David Eayrs during Aikido Rensinkai open seminar took place 4th…5th October 2008 in Moscow.
As far as we know, Sensei David Eayrs is the first holder of Aikido Renshinkai 7th dan outside Japan. And he holds the highest Aikido rank in Russia.

Dear Sensei David, we wish you success in your Aikido Renshinkai promotion in Russia!

Renshinkai Misogikan Team


As many of you know there have been many changes in the structure and leadership of the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Japan.

This started with the resignation of the then Kancho of Yoshinkan Inoue Hanshi 9th dan and later with the resignation of Chida Sensei 8th dan.

These events caused much dismay and stress to many people world wide including myself . I have always had the greatest of respect for both of these Sensei’s whom I consider to be two of the greatest Sensei’s in the world.

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