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Andre Deveen

(13th September 1981 – 26th October 2002)

Andre Deveen Memorial

Some time ago a young man came to my dojo and said "Sensei I have read many books about Aikido and in particular about Master Gozo Shioda, please may I join your classes" and nearly every day since that time young Andre has trained at my side.

Some months ago Andre said "Sensei I wish to become your Deshi, I realize that I cannot become a deshi in the real sense but I will do the best that I can".

Andre did his best to become a true deshi and Aikidoka of Yoshinkan he watched my every moment to try and sense my needs, I remember each morning as I arrive at the dojo for training Andre would always be there before me waiting for me to arrive so that he could carry my bags from my car to the dojo. And how one day he said to me with such pride "Sensei, I have studied from several books on how to fold the Hakama now I have learnt several ways to beautifully fold your Hakama, at the recent seminar here in Moscow with Kancho Inoue Sensei every coffee and lunch break would find Andre standing outside the room where Kancho rested between training, one lunch time I said Andre please go and eat lunch he I can't sensei maybe you or Kancho will need something, and I must study Nakano Sensei to learn how to be a true deshi.

Sadly Andre, his Mother and Father went to see the musical 'North East' and as the world knows the theater was subjected to an act of terrorism as result of this Andre died, and his funeral took place on Saturday 2nd November 2002. All of Misogikan students came to say good bye to this young Aikidoka who was an inspiration to all.

Andre's dream was to earn the black belt of Yoshinkan, technically he was already at this standard and was to take his examination in the new year. Prior to his coffin being sealed and in the time when every one could say their last farewells to him I posthumously awarded him his Shodan and with his Mothers permission placed my black belt in his coffin from all of us who love Aikido.



David Eayrs
Moscow Russia



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