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Written by David Eayrs   
Monday, 23 January 2012 12:11

I would to thank those students and Sensei who have supported the Misogikan through these somewhat difficult times.
In particular I would like to thank Sensei Sergei from Krasnogorsk and Sensei Mikhail from Mendeleevo for their constant support via seminars and Budo-Passports I would also like to thank Sensei’s Maxim and Dennis for their total support and dedication to the Misogikan, myself and our Aikido.

I am very sad that some students have not trained or supported our dojo this month.

As you know Chida Sensei will come to see us in May of this year and I ask you once again to inform me NOW of your intention to attend this seminar, I need NOW details of the students who will attend. Name, Rank etc.

About Renshinkai and use of its name

As you may well know the Misogikan was the first foreign dojo to directly affiliate to the Renshinkai Organization I see the use of name Renshinkai by other dojo’s but many of these dojo’s do not actually support either the Misogikan or Renshinkai let me explain.

I rarely see the instructors of these dojo’s, often the head instructor of these dojo ask me about testing for a higher rank, and its seems to that these people only contact me when they want something.

The Misogikan supports Chida Sensei and the Renshinkai, all members of the Misogikan hold Renshinkai Budo-Passports which supports both the Renshinkai and Misogikan those dojo’s who do not hold these passports cannot consider themselves as members of the Renshinkai or Misogikan.

I hold the highest teaching certificate of the Renshinkai and Chida Sensei has given me permission to conduct Instructors Examinations and I can recommend dan grades to 5th Dan, at the forth coming seminar in May there will be a Shinza but only people who hold Renshinkai/Misogikan Budo-Passports will be eligible. I will not recommend people who do not meet this criteria or whom I have minimal contact with.



Please also visit Web-site Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info in Russian.

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