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Written by David Eayrs   
Sunday, 03 November 2013 18:38

Hi Aikidoka,

The later part of last year and this year have seen several changes within the Misogikan and our dojo like many others have been hit with very high increases of rent making things difficult.

At the town of Krasnogorsk the senior sensei decided to leave the Misogikan and is now affiliated to Hanshi Inoue’s organization while the bulk of the students voted to remain in the Misogikan. There are now two dojo’s operating from the same building one, our affiliate is headed by Sensei Evgenei Belitski and the dojo have been named Koseikan. I have conducted several seminars and examinations there and the standard is very high it’s always a pleasure to go there and meet these great people also in order to enhance their technique every week some of the senior ranks visit our Honbu Dojo to train with our senior ranks, we enjoy their company and wish the dojo best wishes for its continued success.

Moving to the Far East there also was a difference of opinion resulting in the separation of the group in Kamchatka and their sensei who is based in Vladivostok which is sad because no amicable agreement could be reached. In May 2013 I travelled to Kamchatka to conduct a seminar, Dan Grading and the first Renshinkai Instructors Test conducted in Russia. This dojo also has a new name Genenkan and is headed by Sensei Maxim Bykovski 4th Dan. Three Students Sensei’s Maxim Bykovski, Yury Polozov and Alexy Vlasov took and successfully passed Instructors examination and are now level 5 instructors which means that they can officially grade their students to 1st Kyu, they will also be able to up-grade their status next year. As I had not been to Kamchatka for several years it was good to see old friends again, one in particular twice Kyukushinkai Karate Champion of the World (Veteran Class) Sensei Ruslan Rasulov he also took part in the seminar and presented me with a fabulous painting. As usual the seminar finished with a Sayonara party in a great banya where the guys presented me with a beautiful Kamchatka bear carved out of wood, not forgetting an abundance of Caviar and crab to take back to Moscow. God luck guys for the future.

May also saw myself and Sensei Oksana travelling the town of Balakovo where we attended a seminar hosted by Sensei Vasily Zatachaev again it was great be back in this town after so many years and to see old friends once again. The seminar was well attended and we really enjoyed the openness of all of the Aikidoka and of course the warm hospitality always shown in Balakovo. Thank you Sensei Vasily.

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