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Written by David Eayrs   
Monday, 04 August 2008 18:23

As many of you know there have been many changes in the structure and leadership of the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Japan.

This started with the resignation of the then Kancho of Yoshinkan Inoue Hanshi 9th dan and later with the resignation of Chida Sensei 8th dan.

These events caused much dismay and stress to many people world wide including myself . I have always had the greatest of respect for both of these Sensei’s whom I consider to be two of the greatest Sensei’s in the world.

Both of these sensei’s are now independent with both of them giving seminars and work shops across the globe their tuition is invaluable.


Earlier this year a banquet was held sponsored by many high level organizations including the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to honor Chida Sensei contribution to the development of Yoshinkan Aikido many high ranking dignitaries attended this event.

Chida Sensei as you may know has formed his own organization which is called the Renshinkai, it is based on the old traditions of Japanese Martial Arts in that all examinations for instructor status will be conducted in the presence of the Chief Instructor Chida Sensei, and that dan ranking does not give automatic right to teach. I believe that this is correct and proper.

I have after much consideration and consultation with my senior ranks decided to be affiliated to the Renshinkai and as such our dojo name will change to “Renshinkai-Misogikan Dojo”, in future all certificates for successful passing of examinations will be issued by Chida Sensei head of Renshinkai.
I and my most senior Yudansha will retain their status and present teaching levels, with as said, all future examinations for instructor level being held in Japan or here when Chida Sensei visits the Misogikan Dojo/s.

Chida Sensei will hold a seminar and workshop here in Moscow, he will arrive in the end of September and will stay here during the first week of October 2008.

There will be a two day open seminar on 4th and 5th October and other special workshops which will be held in the Misogikan Honbu Dojo.

This seminar is open to all styles of Aikido and all ranks with the true spirit of Aikido being the main idea.

We hope that you will find the time to attend our seminar and enjoy the dynamic teaching of the great Chida Sensei.




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