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Last year myself, my wife Oksana and Alexander Bekshokov travelled to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to attend the official opening of the new custom built dojo of Sensei Sonny Loke 6th dan.

This was a special event attended by many persons of high position within the Malaysian Government.

The visit was very enjoyable not only from meeting and training with old friends, receiving the wonderful tuition from the great Master Kancho Inoue but also because at this seminar took place a Honbu Dojo Instructor examination.

Candidates from Sonny Sensei’s dojo had spent one year in preparation for this examination which included three intensive trainings per week and five visits to Japan.

During Attestation

During Alexander Bekshokov Sandan Attestation


I am very proud to say that my student Sensei Alexander Bekshokov was invited to take this examination, he did and passed, all this without special preparation.


Alexander Bekshokov Sandan

Sensei Alexander Bekshokov (left in the first row sitting) with his Sandan Certificate


The seminar finished with a public demonstration and in the evening a grand VIP dinner at which time certificates were presented (see Photo’s Malaysia 2005 at Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info Photo Gallery) also visit the Web-site of Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia: http://www.yoshinkan-aikido.com.my/

This year has also been very busy for us conducting seminars in Kamchatka, Kraznogorsk, and other places, this year in Kamchatka which is a annual event for me I was very pleased to test Alexie Kazakov for his 4th dan black belt.

Which he passed with high marks I also recommended him the rank of Instructor which gives him the right to test and grade his students up to the rank of 2nd dan.

The Kamchatka school is a fine example of the true spirit of Yoshinkan Aikido lead by a very great sensei and I am very proud of my friendship with Kazakov sensei, he is loyal and true a true Samurai.

We also had the pleasure of a visit of and old friend of Misogikan Sensei Kenji Nakazawa, 5th dan Yoshinkan and an expert in several styles of Japanese swordsmanship, of particular interest is his long term friendship with the Legendary Master and head of Shingan Ryu Heiho Jujutsu Master Kenji Shimazu, Shimazu Sensei’s family history can be traced back nearly 1000 years, I and my wife have also met with this great master, he has asked to come and visit us next year.


Sensei Kenji Nakazawa

Sensei Kenji Nakazawa in Moscow


Next came a very special event when 10 people from the Ken Shin Kai organization in England lead by Sensei Garry Masters 6th dan and Sensei Roger Bish 5th dan.

Great training was had and of course we treated our friends to different restaurants which they enjoyed along with much sampling of Russia Vodka.

Next year we are planning an event with these guys and girls again (see photos at Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info Photo Gallery) and visit Ken Shin Kai Web-site: http://www.kenshinkai.org.uk/



Ken Shin Kai and Misogikan Heads

With Sensei Garry Masters, Sensei Roger Bish, and Sensei Dee Masters from Ken Shin Kai, UK (Moscow, June 2006)


So much has happened this year with the last event being the visit to Malaysia again to attend a seminar given by the great Takeno Takafumi Shihan (8th dan Yoshinkan Aikido), Takeno Shihan used to be the Chief Instructor of Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo and has the reputation of being very powerful, how true this turned out to be, his technique can only be described as explosive.


With Shihan Takeno Takafumi

Wifh Shihan Takeno Takafumi, Malaysia 2006


After a one day open seminar, there followed a three day Kenshu course from morning until evening, very intensive training with very much valuable information, the only problem was the intense heat it was about 45 degrees in the dojo which quickly drained your energy.

The seminar again followed by a public demonstration where our group from Russia showed their skills.



Sensei Oksana Eayrs

Sensei Oksana Eayrs performs demonstration, Malaysia 2006


Our group consisted of 15 people and we like to the Singapore Airlines for their help with flights.

So now its back to normal, Summer is over people are returning to the dojo after the Summer break and its back to training, and preparing for examinations and the visit next year of different sensei’s to Misogikan.

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Please also visit Web-site Yoshinkan-Aikido.Info in Russian.

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