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Tuesday, 01 July 2008 09:10

Misogikan Dojo is a member of Renshinkai Aikido.

Renshinkai Aikido is under the auspices of 8th-dan Tsutomu Chida-Shihan, a top uchideshi of the late founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, Gozo Shioda-Sensei. Chida-Shihan is working hard to guide the next generation of leaders and teachers by instilling in them the techniques and spirit that he inherited from Gozo Shioda-Sensei.

Chida-Shihan was an uchideshi of Gozo Shioda-Sensei from 1971 and has had the longest career at the Yoshinkan Aikido Honbu. Even after the passing of Gozo Shioda-Sensei in 1994, Chida-Shihan continued his support for 13 years until December of 2007 when he retired from the Yoshinkan Honbu. Later in April of 2008, it came about that he decided to move on from the Yoshinkan organization and established the Renshinkai.

Chida Tsutomu Sensei

His demonstrations and clinics are much sought-after and have been flourishing throughout Japan and the world. It has been his calling to pass on accurately to the next generation the Aikido that he received from Gozo Shioda-Sensei; accordingly he continues to contribute to the expansion of Aikido.


Born October 4th, 1950
1969 Joined the Yoshinkan
1971 Began training as a Yoshinkan uchi-deshi
September 1987 Awarded Shihan Title
1988 Appointed Yoshinkan Instructor of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Academy
March 1993 Awarded 8th Dan
June 1994 Appointed Chief Technical Instructor of Yoshinkan Headquarters
June 2002 Appointed Chief Instructor of Yoshinkan Headquarters
December 2007 Officially retired from the Yoshinkan
April 2008 Assumed role of Chief Instructor of the Renshinkai
April 2008 Received Special Recognition Award from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Academy


Based on the informarion from www.renshinkai.com



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