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The Visit to Russia of KIYOYUKI TERADA 9th DAN

Most Senior rank of Yoshinkan Aikido


On Saturday 9th June until 16th June 2001 Russian students were honored to have the second visit within a month of the two top Yoshinkan Aikido masters Kiyoyuki Terada Sensei and Kyoichi Inoue Sensei both 9th dan. Terada Sensei being head of Yoshinkai (All Yoshinkan) and Inoue Sensei head of Hombu dojo.

The visit of Terada Sensei was organized the St.Peterburg Yoshinkan school and our first contact with Sensei was at Sheremetyevo Airport where we met the group and spent a pleasant few hours whilst they where waiting for their connecting flight to St. Peterburg, also travelling with Terada Sensei were Matsuo shihan 7th dan, his wife Matsuo 6th dan, Kenji Nakazawa 5th dan and Masaki sensei 5th dan, Terada sensei’s wife also was with the party.

I and several of my students traveled to St. Peterburg to join the seminar which opened on the 11th, and we spent three great days training with students from all over Russia. On the morning of the 16th Terada Sensei and his party arrived in Moscow on route to Japan and as they had nearly 8 hours to wait for their connecting flight to Japan had time to come to the Misogi Dojo where we had lunch, this was followed by a short demonstration of Aikido by both myself and some of my students following which all had the chance to talk to Sensei and take photographs.

Terada Sensei’s visit to our dojo was a great honor for us and we will meet Sensei again when we go to Japan to attend Sensei’s wonderful "Kamakura Spring Festival"

David Eayrs
6th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido



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