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At last after much planing we were waiting at Sheremetyevo Airport for the arrival of the Head of Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu-Dojo, Dojocho Kyoichi Inoue 9th dan and Sonoda 7th dan Shihan.

The plane arrived on time and we transported Sensei to the Aerostar Hotel, after which we took them on an evening tour of Moscow and then on to dinner. Which gave us the chance to talk about the Russian Aikido situation.

Day two 16th saw us at the Hombu-dojo of Misogi kan where we had chance to prepare for the Festival of Martial Arts which was scheduled to take place the next day, following lunch we went on a guided tour inside the Kremlin Palace, with Alexandre E. Inshakov and Sugiura Sensei 9th dan Karate. We then went to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner.

Thursday the 17th saw us early at the World Famous Russian State Circus, where in the evening was to take place a three hour program of Martial Arts and throughout the day groups practiced their routines. The show began at 19:30 hrs and the Circus was full to capacity, members of Misogi kan opened our demonstration, showing a multitude of techniques from the Yoshinkan range ,and this was followed by Shihan Sonoda showing wonderful basic moves of Yoshinkan Aikido, then came the moment we had been waiting for when Dojocho stepped onto the tatami and showed us the magic of a true master of Aikido, with his beautiful movement, harmony, rythem and timing. We then attended a banquet giving people a chance to informally meet and chat about their Martial Arts.

On Friday 18th we opened our seminar in the Judo hall of C.S.K.A. With Inoue Sensei taking the first period during which he showed us the importance of correct posture and distancing between partners also the essence of Kihon Dosa, and over the three day period of the seminar Inoue Sensei and Sonoda Shihan each took turns to teach us. Very much was learnt from this seminar and the 87 students who attended all were touched by the openness of Dojocho and Sonoda Shihan, and perhaps most of all these two great Sensei brought to us the essence of Japan and everyone felt the spirit of Bushido. In the evening we went to our dojo where we had a Sauna in the company of senior instructors of Yoshinkan Russia.

On the last day one of our instructors Pavel Kupreyanov took an examination for 3rd dan, then we had to wait for a long week to receive information from Japan that he had successfully passed. Finally on the 21st May our Sensei had to return to Japan but before leaving they spent some time as guests at the "Budo Shop" in the company of Sergei Kosorotov 7th Dan, former Judo Champion of the World. Dojocho Inoue Sensei said of the visit that in the shop was a wonderful feeling of friendship, peace and the true spirit of Budo, Inoue Sensei expressed the wish that I thank all Budo shop for their hospitality.

We said farewell at the airport with a little sadness, but happy in the knowledge that this was the first visit to Russia by members of Yoshinkan Hombu dojo but not the last.

We have since Sensei’s return to Japan received many letters from many sensei all wishing our Russian Aikido great success and in particular I would like to reproduce a letter from Dojocho for all to read.

Dear Mr. David Eayrs.

I hope this letter finds you all well in Russia.

I would like to thank you for your hospitality during my stay in Russia .

I was quite impressed by the fact that you are raising magnificent students, Your approach in raising students is correct both technically and mentally. I wish you to keep striving forward without forgetting pure heart.

Hombu is always there for you.Please keep contacting us.

Finally, I would like you to give my best regards to your beautiful wife Oksana for I could have a wonderful time in Russia thanks to her.


Inoue Kyoichi
Yoshinkan Hombu Dojocho
2nd June 2001


David Eayrs
6th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido



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