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Chida Tsutomu at the Yoshinkan honbu throwing Ito Kenji (5th dan), February 2007
Chida Tsutomu at the Yoshinkan honbu throwing Ito Kenji (5th dan), February 2007


Chida Tsutomu (千田務)was born Oct.4th 1950, and is an 8th dan Shihan and the chief instructor of Aikido Renshinkai, an off-shoot of Yoshinkan aikido. A direct student of founder Shioda Gozo, he studied with Shioda for 25 years from 1969 until Shioda’s death in 1994. Following Shioda's death, Chida continued to serve at the Yoshinkan honbu dojo and was appointed dojocho in 2002. Chida is one of Shioda Gozo's top disciples and a living legend of Yoshinkan aikido. He quickly became one of the most respected and sought after Yoshinkan instructors, and regularly taught seminars overseas to promote Yoshinkan aikido.

Chida resigned from the honbu dojo effective December 2007 shortly after a series of events following the resignation of former headmaster Inoue Kyoichi. Not long after his resignation from Yoshinkan, Chida established Aikido Renshinkai as an independent organization in March 2008.




Chida at the annual All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration


Chida at the annual All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration


  • 1969, Entered the Yoshinkan dojo. Chida says half-jokingly on his DVD that he was somewhat tricked into signing up at a recruiting drive by some of the senior students at the time and didn't even know what aikido was. He also expresses his deep appreciation for being reeled into the Yoshinkan dojo.
  • 1971, Became an uchi-deshi at the Yoshinkan honbu dojo under Shioda Gozo.
  • 1993, Received his 8th dan from Shioda Gozo. During his time at Honbu dojo Chida taught all manner of classes from Ippan (general training) to the Tokyo Riot Police courses and Senshusei courses (intensive training), as well as occasionally conducting seminars and special training sessions at the honbu dojo and travelling internationally to represent Yoshinkan.

In 2002, Chida Tsutomu was promoted to dojocho and became responsible for running the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu dojo in Tokyo under Headmaster Inoue Kyoichi, until the latter's retirement from the honbu in March 2007.

In 2007, he resigned his position as honbu dojocho effective December of that year. Chida's resignation came along with a chain of events following the departure of former headmaster Inoue Kyoichi and installation of current headmaster Shioda Yasuhisa, son of the late founder Shioda Gozo. A post on the bulletin board at the Yoshinkan honbu dojo announcing Chida's resignation as dojocho also stated that he was asked to become Yoshinkan Kancho after the departure of Inoue Kyoichi. The announcement stated further that Chida declined the offer to become Kancho, which lead to Shioda Yasuhisa stepping in to fill the position. The circumstances behind these events and the reason for Chida declining the position of Kancho and leaving the honbu dojo are unknown. Although it had appeared as though Chida's intentions were to remain part of Yoshinkai after leaving honbu, he has since severed ties and in April 2008, the independent organization Aikido Renshinkai is established with Chida has it's chief instructor (最高師範: saikou shihan).

This event officially ended Chida's nearly 40 years at Yoshinkan and the end of an era in Yoshinkan aikido. The establishment of Renshinkai, however, marks a new beginning and a fresh start for a living legend of Yoshinkan aikido.

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Books and DVDS
  • Aikido Tatsujin Reiden: Chida Tsutomu (合気道達人例伝 千田務)
  • Aikido Yoshinkan Aikido Nyuumon "A guide to Yoshinkan Aikido" by Inoue Kyoichi.

This video also features Chida Tsutomu. (Japanese only)

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