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Intensive training in Renshinkai Misogikan Dojo, 3-5.06.2011 Print E-mail

On 3rd-4th and 5th on June 2011 a weekend course of Intensive training was held with 5 training sessions each day .

The course was conducted by myself and Sensei Kazakov 5th Dan from Vladivostok. Course content contained updated information on some changes within the techniques of the Renshinkai and Chida Sensei ‘s  style , the course was well received and students have requested that we make this an annual event on June of each year.

On Monday 6th June we went to our dojo in the school Ellada where a Shinza took place and I would like to congratulate the following students who passed the Shinza:

  1. Vlasov A.A. to Sandan  (Kamchatka)
  2. Bolotov A.P. to Sandan  (Kamchatka)
  3. Bikovski M.A.  to Yondan (Kamchatka)
  4. Evanov E.  to  Yondan (Moscow)

David Eayrs

Attestation 2-3.04.2011, Congratulations! Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 April 2011 22:19

I would like to offer my congratulations to all  people who passed Kyu grade examinations on 2-4-2011.

Also congratulations to the following:

  • Shodan Dima Goryunov and Zhenya Denisova
  • Sandan Andrei Parshin and Dmitry Bondrenko

David Eayrs

Thanks from Sensei's David and Oksana Print E-mail

Sensei's David and Oksana would like to thank everyone for the great presents on thier birthdays and of course the great company at the parties.

Deepest condolences to the people of Japan Print E-mail

White FlowerOur deepest condolences to the people of Japan on the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

We hope Japan could recover from the disaster as soon as possible.


Renshinkai Misogikan Team

Happy Birthday, Sensei David Eayrs! Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 March 2011 00:01

David Eayrs SenseyCONGRATULATIONS to Sensei David Eayrs on his 71 Year Anniversary!

We wish you a very strong health, happiness and a good luck!

Dear David Sensei, Happy Birthday to you!

Be happy!


Renshinkai Misogikan Team


P.S. Please find some photos from the party in the Gallery.


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